'Tap Into Your Mind, Body, and Soul'

Welcome to Body & Sole Massage LLC!


I hope you have found this space because you needed to take care of yourself. You have come to the right place. Here are just a few ways I will take care of you.

 I use warm towels, oils, and warm bamboo tools. All to enhance the relaxation of your experience. 

I use the oils that I have purchased from Young Living and have become a consultant for. What I love about these oils is that they are 100% plant based. If you want lemon oil, you get hundreds of  pressed lemons in a bottle. These work to help your sinuses here in our valley of allergies among other aches and pains you may have. And it is all natural!

For new clients, I have some add ons to your massage so you can check out if you like to incorporate these in your massage sessions.

Warm bamboo Fusion-these are way better than hot stones. These are tools that warm you from the inside out and keep their heat instead of leaving after a couple minutes.      $10

Young Living Oils-Choose three oils to add to your massage and you will be able to breathe better, feel less achiness in your joints, and have your mood uplifted immediately.          $10

Facial Massage-There are tiny muscles all throughout your face, and important for them to be relaxed. Cold stones, warm towels and the feeling of tiny fingers massaging will create a relaxation like no other.      $10



Just remember this is your massage and your experience, so feed back is always welcome (even during the massage), and I look forward to healing your mind, body and soul each time I see you.

I can't wait to share this time with you.  


Mary Werner LMT


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